Chimney Waterproofing — The Best Way To Protect Your Chimney Against NY Weather

Masonry chimneys are built to last, so why do they sometimes deteriorate? Truth is: water is the #1 cause of cracking, crumbling, flaking, and falling chimneys. But if your masonry chimney is looking worse with each passing year, you don’t have to sit by helplessly and watch. True Ventilation can help protect and preserve your chimney.

How? By waterproofing it!

Waterproofing, if done right, can keep your chimney standing strong, looking great, and leak-free, no matter how many storms we get here in Orange, Suffolk, Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia, and Greene county.

Why Waterproof With True Ventilation?

Our team uses the industry’s most trusted products to waterproof chimneys — products from ChimneySaver. These products aren’t like the sealers and paints you see in big box stores — they won’t change the way your brick and mortar looks, leave a sheen, or end up trapping vapor inside every time you burn a fire in your fireplace. No, these products are made for chimneys and they’re superior in every way.

They’re vapor-permeable — That means, they allow vapor produced by the fire to easily pass through the brick. Why does that matter? Because your fire will produce water vapor, and if that vapor can’t escape because of the waterproofing product you’ve applied to your chimney’s masonry, then you’ll end up with water damage inside the masonry, even though you thought you were protecting your chimney against that very thing.

They protect against freeze/thaw — Freeze/thaw is the process that occurs when water gets into the masonry (let’s say it rains all day), freezes at night when temperatures drop, and thaws again the next day when temperatures rise. The moisture that’s freezing and thawing inside the masonry creates movement that can lead to cracks, fractures, and masonry deterioration. It’s a leading cause of masonry damage, but these waterproofing products protect against it. (They also protect against mildew, staining, fungus, and efflorescence!)

They’re environmentally-friendly — We’re all a little more environmentally aware these days and starting to opt for products that help us without hurting the good Earth. Well, rest assured these waterproofing products are safe. They’re water-based and environmentally-friendly, so you can waterproof your chimney without guilt.

They provide years and years of protection — One of the worst things is investing money and time into something that doesn’t really help that much or for very long. But when you have your chimney waterproofed by True Ventilation, you don’t have to worry about having that terrible feeling in your gut. The products we use provide 10 years of protection. That’s one investment every 10 years or so. Not bad!

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Whether you want to have your entire chimney waterproofed or you just need some joints and cracks sealed to prevent them from becoming bigger problems down the line, we’ll take care of it for you. Part of our mission is to prevent small, inexpensive problems from developing into large, costly and potentially hazardous issues, and waterproofing is part of that! So give us a call today — we can have an expert out to your home in a flash.

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