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Leaky Chimney? Invest In A New Chimney Cap For Your Ulster, Dutchess, Or Greene County, NY Home

Do you hear water drip, drip, drip down into your fireplace every time it rains? Is a family of birds, squirrels, or other critters living in your chimney rent-free?

The good news is: the solution to your problem is relatively easy and affordable.

The bad news is: if you don’t act now, the damage could be pretty costly.

So what’s causing your chimney leak or letting critters into your chimney? It can all be traced back to one very important area of the chimney: the chimney cap. 

Chimney Caps 101 — What They Do, What Goes Wrong & What To Do If Yours Is Leaking Or Missing

If you have water coming into your chimney when it rains or animals making their way into your chimney, the most likely reason is that your chimney cap is damaged or missing.

Chimney caps are metal coverings that attach to the top of the flue and act as a barrier for rain, birds, insects, and animals. Most have a screen that acts as a spark arrestor as well, preventing hot ashes from the fire from exiting and causing fires on your property.

Chimney caps can also prevent wind-induced downdrafts, but their #1 purpose is to keep things out of the flue. That includes water, twigs, leaves, birds, and animals.

So what goes wrong and allows chimneys to leak?

Well, a lot of times strong winds and storms blow chimney caps off of homes, and homeowners don’t notice or know. We get our fair share of strong storms here in the area, which is why proper chimney cap installation is so vital.

Another way caps can lead to leaks is if they’re rusted through or damaged by animals or storms. Holes may be present that may be allowing moisture and other undesirable things into your chimney. This is especially common if the chimney cap is made of a low-quality metal that isn’t rust-resistant or corrosion-resistant.

If we get to your home and find that your chimney cap is missing or damaged and that’s what’s causing your leak, the good news is that the solution is fast and affordable.

We Offer & Install Stainless Steel & Copper Caps & Specialty Caps

If you need a new chimney cap, you’ve come to the right place. We keep many high-quality chimney caps in stock in various sizes and designs. Whether you want a cap that covers just the flue or one that covers multiple flues or the entire crown, we’ve got what you need. Our caps and specialty caps are made of stainless steel or copper — both materials are rust- and corrosion-resistant — and carry a lifetime warranty. Which means this is one purchase you’ll only have to make once.

Need A New Cap? Call True Ventilation For Fast, Reliable Service & High Quality Products

If you look up at your chimney top and don’t see a cap covering the flue or you see rust on your cap, give True Ventilation a call at 888-775-9498. We’ll make sure you love your new chimney cap and that it effectively keeps water, birds, and animals out for a longer-lasting, safer chimney.

Give us a call or request an appointment online today. We serve Orange, Dutchess, Suffolk, Ulster, Columbia, and Greene counties and can have a knowledgeable and respectful chimney professional at your service in no time. We’re here to help!


If you need a leaky chimney repair, let us investigate to see if the source of the problem is a faulty chase top on your prefabricated chimney.