Failing Chase Tops — A Leading Cause Of Chimney Leaks On Prefab Chimneys

Prefab chimneys and metal flue pipes aren’t always the most attractive things to have sticking up out of your roof, which is why many homeowners have structures built around these pipes. These are known as chases and they’re typically made to look like chimneys with siding.

But as you can imagine, these structures are open to the elements at the top, leaving the prefab chimney or metal pipe inside completely exposed to the elements. That’s why chase tops or chase covers are so important.

Chase Covers 101 — What They Do, What Goes Wrong & What To Do If Yours Is Leaking

If you have a prefabricated/factory-built chimney and you have a leak, one of the first areas to check out is the chase top. Chase tops are like metal crowns for metal chimneys, and they do exactly what their name implies: cover the top of the chase.

That means they keep water out, animals out, and debris out. But only when they’re in good condition…

The problem is: stock chase tops are often crafted from low-quality sheet metal that’s not very rigid, strong, or rust-resistant. So with time, pooling water, heavy snow, and ice can rust through the chase top or cause it to sag and collapse. Of course, that’s when you have a full-blown chimney leak.

So what can you do if your chase top is leaking?

Call True Ventilation. We replace worn-out, rusty chase tops with stainless steel chase tops with cross breaks that make them stronger and less prone to sag and collapse. These cross breaks also encourage moisture to slide right off of the chase cover, which helps prevent leaks as well.

And since our chase tops are made of stainless steel and expertly installed by one of our experienced chimney professionals, you can rest assured your leak will be taken care of for good.

Call Today For Fast & Effective Chase Top Repairs & Replacements

Think a chase top may be behind your leak? Call True Ventilation at 888-775-9498 or request an appointment online today. We’re happy to inspect your chimney and will provide recommendations along with a detailed report of our findings, so you can kiss that leak goodbye for good. Give us a call today! We’re happy to help, wherever you are in Orange, Dutchess, Suffolk, Ulster, Columbia, or Greene county!


Chimney waterproofing by experienced professionals is one of the best ways to cut down on the need for leaky chimney repairs, so give us a call.