Our Draft Correction & Smoky Fireplace Resolution Services Are Affordable & Effective

Are you having a hard time getting a fire going and keeping it going in your fireplace? Are downdrafts a problem in your home? Have you all but given up on your fireplace because of all the smoke that comes pouring back into your home when you have a fire going?

Draft problems and smoky fireplaces can be frustrating to say the least. Many times, homeowners assume that the solution to their problem is expensive because the problem is usually caused by a flaw in the chimney, fireplace, or home:

  • A poorly designed fireplace and/or chimney— You can’t safely enjoy a fire in your fireplace without physics on your side, and physics says that the size of the chimney and the fireplace opening matters. The fireplace opening must be just the right size for the chimney flue or smoke will back up and re-enter your home when you have a fire going. Likewise, if the chimney isn’t the appropriate height, it won’t have the amount of draft needed to pull smoke up and out of the home. If you have high hills or tall trees near your home, you may also experience downdrafts because your chimney is not the tallest thing around.
  • Insufficient air — Newer homes are built airtight in order to save homeowners energy. But in order to effectively remove smoke from the home, chimneys need adequate makeup air from inside the home. If it can’t get that because the home is built airtight or there are competing appliances in the house (like bathroom or kitchen fans), then smoke will make its way back into the home.

But here at True Ventilation, we know just what to do to eliminate those issues affordably and effectively. Our team carries and installs some of the best and most reliable products for draft correction and smoky fireplace resolution. In most instances, one of the following products will completely resolve the issue:

  • Vacu-Stack Caps — Vacu-stack chimney caps stop downdrafts related to wind by matching draft to the wind speed outside. If our chimney experts determine that your draft and smoke issues are wind-induced, this is a great solution.
  • Turbine Caps — Turbine caps use the wind outside to increase draft and draw smoke up and out of the chimney. These can also be great for eliminating wind-induced downdrafts.
  • Chimney Exhaust Fans  If your flue is too small to successfully vent the attached appliance, a chimney exhaust fan can help. These work to increase draft and prevent smoke from coming into the home when poor chimney and fireplace construction are to blame for the smoke and draft problems.
  • Fireplace Smoke Guards — When draft problems are caused by improperly sized fireplace openings, fireplace smoke guards can help. These work to increase draft by correcting the ratio of fireplace opening to chimney flue. They also protect your fireplace facing against unsightly smoke stains.

And don’t worry, all of the draft correction and smoke resolution products we install are stainless steel and built to last.

Have A Stinky Chimney? We Can Help With That, Too!

Another annoying issue that many homeowners face is chimney odor. While in some instances, odors can be traced back to nesting, trapped, or dead animals or birds in the chimney, in other instances, the issue is caused by creosote buildup.

Creosote is a nasty byproduct of combustion that can settle on the interior walls of the chimney flue. It has a tar-like smell that tends to get worse in the summer months when temperatures rise and moisture fills the air.

But whatever’s causing your chimney odor problems, we’ll get to the bottom of it and provide you with a solution. Many times a chimney exhaust fan can help with chimney odors as well. We’ll inspect your chimney and let you know what we recommend.

Call True Ventilation & Say Goodbye To Smoke, Odor & Draft Problems

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Our chimney and venting services include all kinds of chimney and fireplace repairs to make sure the entire system is able to perform safely.