For The Most Beautiful & Long-Lasting Results, Leave Masonry/Brick Repair & Pointing To The Expert Masons At True Ventilation

Masonry damage signals big trouble ahead if it’s not dealt with. Small cracks in mortar joints can expand, bricks can spall or flake, water can get into the chimney and home, and your chimney could even lean or collapse after a while.

But don’t worry — we can restore your chimney, make repairs, and prevent future damage through our pointing, tuckpointing, and spot pointing work.

  • Pointing — Pointing is the process of grinding out the cracked, eroded, or receding mortar joints on a chimney or fireplace, cleaning those joints out, and using masonry tools to pack the joints with fresh mortar. A single color of mortar is used and it’s matched to your existing mortar.
  • Tuckpointing — Tuckpointing is similar to pointing, but instead of using one color, we use two different colors of mortar. One is matched to your mortar joints and the other is matched to your brick. The reason for this is that we can use the brick-colored mortar to make the mortar joints appear thinner or alter them in a way that is more aesthetically pleasing. We can also use brick-colored mortar to repair brickwork that is cracking, spalling, or otherwise deteriorating.
  • Spot Pointing — Spot pointing is the process of adding mortar to holes and cracks to “plug” or seal them up. It’s done when the rest of the wall is solid and there are just a few spots in need of repair. Spot pointing can be a great option when pointing is not ideal for your budget or situation, but it’s more like patching up a crack or hole because the existing mortar joints are not ground out first.

When performing any mortar joint repairs or brick repairs, we work very carefully to ensure we don’t damage any surrounding areas of the chimney or fireplace, and that we don’t compromise the structural integrity of the chimney or fireplace in any way.

All of the mortar we use is carefully color-matched, and we add PWR (powdered water repellent) to the mortar mix for added protection against leaks and water damage. We also waterproof the finished results with ChimneySaver water repellent.

How To Know When It’s Time To Schedule Masonry Repair

Sometimes it’s obvious you need to have masonry repair work done to your chimney and fireplace, but some signs are less obvious. Here’s a quick list of things to look for:

  • Hairline cracks in mortar joints between the bricks
  • Spalling, flaking, or crumbling brick
  • Receding mortar joints or gaps between bricks
  • Holes in mortar joints
  • Discolored mortar joints or brick

If you notice any of the above signs, simply give True Ventilation a call at 888-775-9498 and schedule an appointment. We’ll fully inspect the state of your masonry and recommend the best repairs for your budget and needs.

Call today — we’re here to make it easier for you to care for your Orange county, Dutchess county, Ulster county, Suffolk county, Columbia county, or Greene county home.

 One of the great things about having a knowledgeable chimney and fireplace repairs crew is that full and partial chimney rebuilds are right up our alley.