Damper Troubles? We Repair & Replace Fireplace Dampers Fast — And We Do It Right!

Is your fireplace damper broken or so rusty it’s almost impossible to open and close? Opening and closing your damper should be one of the easiest parts of building a fire in your fireplace, not a test of your bicep strength.

But the reality is, traditional throat dampers are prone to rust and breakdown. If you can’t easily open your damper, enjoying a fire will be a challenge — but we can help.

If you simply need to have the pins on your throat damper replaced or some other minor repair like that, we can take care of it for you. If your damper needs to be replaced or you’re tired of the waste and work of a throat damper, we’ve got a better option…

We sell and install top-sealing dampers, which are fireplace dampers that are installed up at the top of the flue like a chimney cap.

These serve two functions:

  1. They provide an airtight, watertight seal that protects your entire chimney flue and fireplace against water, bugs, and other intruders when closed.
  2. They prevent heated/conditioned air loss and downdraft problems, and can save you money on your energy bills.

What Do Top-Sealing Dampers Look Like & How Do They Work?

Some top-sealing dampers look a little bit like chimney caps. When opened, they pop up and open up the flue so smoke can leave the chimney. When closed, they’re very low-profile and sit just on top of the flue, sealing it off with a rubber gasket.

Other top-sealing dampers are even more discreet, and can’t really be seen from the ground. When these are opened, a little door opens up to allow smoke to freely exit the chimney, but the damper itself stays in place atop the flue.

No matter which type of top-sealing damper you choose, the function and results are pretty much the same:

  • Both will keep the conditioned and heated air you pay for in your home, as opposed to letting that air leave through the chimney.
  • Both will keep cold or hot air from coming down your chimney and into your home.
  • Both will prevent water and critters from getting into your chimney when closed.
  • Both can be easily opened and closed using a handle just inside of the fireplace.
  • Both have a rubber gasket that provides a complete seal — much better than the metal-on-metal seal that a cast-iron throat damper provides.

Damper Repairs & Replacements Are Fast & Stress Free For Our Customers In Ulster, Dutchess & Greene Counties & The Surrounding Areas

If you’re having problems with your damper, give us a call — we have a solution you’ll love. And when you work with True Ventilation, you can rest assured our techs will take excellent care of you and your property and make sure the damper repair or installation is done right.

To find out if your damper needs repairs or needs to be replaced, simply call True Ventilation at 888-775-9498. We offer convenient scheduling and we’re licensed and insured members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). You can count on us — wherever you are in Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Suffolk, Columbia, or Greene county.


We can reline your chimney with long-lasting stainless steel liners and vent your prefabricated metal chimneys, too. Our fireplace and chimney repair services can’t be beat.