Keep Your Firebox Safe & Attractive With True Ventilation’s Firebox Repair & Refractory Panel Installation Experts

Every time you build a fire in your fireplace, your firebox is doing hard work. It’s keeping all that heat, all that ash, all those hot embers, and all those sparks and gases contained so you can safely enjoy the warmth of the fire from the comfort of your home.

That’s tough work! But it’s also necessary.

Trouble is, even well-built fireboxes can undergo damage with time, especially if they’re exposed to moisture from a chimney leak or corrosion from creosote, or if they’re not regularly cleaned.

What happens?

Regardless of whether it’s a masonry firebox in a traditional open-faced fireplace or a refractory panel firebox in a prefabricated fireplace, it can crack, flake, pop, or wear down. Of course, that makes for an unattractive fireplace, but it can also be dangerous…

As we talked about, the firebox has to contain the heat, hot ash, embers, sparks, and gases produced by the fire. If gaps, cracks, or thin areas are present in the firebox, the firebox can fail to do its job and put you at increased risk of house fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

That’s why firebox repairs are so necessary. But rest assured, with True Ventilation on the job, you can expect professional, effective repair work done right and at a fair price.

How Do You Fix A Damaged Firebox?

When damage is present in the firebox, it must be repaired with very specific materials for safety reasons.

  • If you have cracks present and need to have mortar joints between firebrick or refractory panels repaired, we can tuckpoint those joints using refractory mortar that will stand the test of time.
  • If you need to have firebrick replaced or refractory panels replaced, we can do that, too.

Using the best tools, techniques, and materials, we can restore a damaged, unattractive firebox and make it look like new once more. If that’s not possible, we’re also able to completely rebuild the firebox.

Call Today — It All Starts With An Inspection

How do you know if your firebox needs repair and how do you get started? Simply call True Ventilation at 888-775-9498 or request an appointment online.

We’ll start with an inspection of your firebox as well as the rest of your chimney and fireplace, and provide you with a detailed report of all our findings. Whatever repairs are needed, you’ll know what they are and how much you need to set aside to budget for them.

No matter what you need, rest assured the experienced, honest, licensed, and insured chimney professionals here at True Ventilation can help. We replace damaged firebrick, refractory mortar, and refractory paneling with the highest quality and most heat-resistant materials possible. And repairs aren’t just done right for safety reasons — we make sure the work looks beautiful, too.

Call today to schedule your inspection and firebox repair service with the licensed and insured experts here at True Ventilation. Wherever you are in Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Suffolk, Columbia, or Greene county, we’ll be there for you in a jiffy.


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