Need Chimney & Fireplace Repairs? We Do It All & We Do It Right The First Time

Keeping your chimney in the best and safest condition doesn’t have to be a challenge. With True Ventilation, it can be easy.

Our family provides professional, honest service with integrity, and we’ve helped many of your neighbors in Chester, Tuxedo, Beacon, and the surrounding areas enjoy nights by the fireside without worry.

It all starts with proper installation and maintenance, but it doesn’t stop there. You also need a trustworthy, experienced, and highly trained team of chimney professionals to take care of repairs as needed. Because if repairs aren’t done right, big problems will show up.

What kinds of repairs can you trust True Ventilation with? Well, we do it all, top to bottom, including each of these:

Why Trust Repairs To True Ventilation?

Our goal is to make chimney problems and solutions painless for our clients throughout Orange, Dutchess, Ulster, Suffolk, Columbia, and Greene counties, and that’s why we’ve invested so much time into not just perfecting our service, but perfecting our craft as well.

Who will you find here on the True Ventilation team? Experienced chimney professionals who are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Through our NFPA membership, we receive ongoing education and training, and we always follow NFPA standards to the letter for the safety and protection of our customers.

We have serviced countless chimneys and fireplaces over the years, and our clients know they can count on us to provide long-lasting, effective chimney and fireplace repairs.The reason we do things right the first time is that we’re dedicated to providing the kind of service to our clients that they would expect from a trusted, caring family member. You deserve nothing less.

So whatever chimney or fireplace issues you’re dealing with — be it a crumbling chimney, a broken damper, an outdated prefab chimney, a cracked firebox, a deteriorating flue liner, or something else — know that True Ventilation is the only company you need to call.

We’ll take care of everything right the first time with our no-mess, proven procedures, techniques, and products. Call 888-775-9498 or request an appointment online today and let our honest and experienced chimney pros take care of you and your home.

Our years of experience with repairing leaky chimneys means you can trust our professional chimney and venting services.