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The History of Chimney Sweeps

Chimney cleaning is an important service with a history dating back to 16th century England. While fireplaces themselves date back to Ancient Rome the chimney sweep profession came later in England when the Master Chimney Sweeps would "light a fire" under children from the orphanage and they would scurry up the chimney and clean out the creosote or coal soot in the process. Fast forward to the 21st century and the chimney sweep industry has evolved into a much more professional trade. These days you can expect your professional chimney sweep to lay drop clothes from the front door to the fireplace and contain the dust as they sweep the chimney using a heavy duty HEPA filtered vacuum. Chimney professionals will also do a full chimney inspection and provide an estimate for chimney repairs if needed to ensure your fireplace or wood stove are safe for burning season.

Chimney Sweep in Kingston NY

Homeowners in Kingston NY, Woodstock NY, Hurley NY, Port Ewen NY and all of Ulster County count on True Ventilation Chimney Sweeps and our no mess chimney cleaning guarantee. Our fireplace technicians will wear boot covers on our feet and carefully lay tarps around the fireplace, wood stove, or chimney to protect the home. We use HEPA filtration high powered vacuums to control the dust and keep chemicals out of your home as we sweep the soot out of your chimney. Our chimney sweep technicians will also preform a full inspection of the chimney to ensure your chimney is safe for for use. Throughout Ulster County NY homeowners have always relied on our certified fireplace pros as the authority of chimney cleaning & repairs.

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Chimney Repair in Kingston NY

Sometimes when preforming a chimney inspection our fireplace pros can find hazards inside or outside of the chimney structure. The good news is True Ventilation Chimney Sweeps in Kingston NY specializes in all phases of chimney repairs such as chimney caps & chase covers, chimney liner repair, chimney leak repair, fireplace repair and more! When is comes to chimney repairs in Ulster County no job is too big or small. We can do it all start to finish and we guarantee our work!

Chimney Liner Repairs & Relining

Most chimneys are built with terracotta clay flue liners which can become cracked or damaged over time due to the hostile temperatures created by burning wood, gas or oil. We recommend these liners be repaired or "relined" with a durable stainless steel chimney liner. In some cases the chimney flue tiles may need to be removed by one of our certified fireplace repair crews to ensure we are able to fit an appropriately sized liner in your chimney for the system it will be venting. The National Fire Protection Association states in their NFPA 211 edition (The National Standard for Chimneys, Fireplace & Solid Fuel Burning Appliances) that if a chimney liner has become cracked or damaged in a way that it can no longer properly convey the

byproducts of combustion that the chimney must be relined with an appropriate chimney lining material. Stainless steel is the best and most common method of chimney relining as it wont crack or rust like clay or cheaper steels.

Masonry Chimney Repair

Masonry chimneys are beautiful solid structures that when properly waterproofed can withstand the test of time. Unfortunately without proper chimney cleaning and waterproofing brick chimneys can fall victim to moisture damage or interior leaks through the flue tiles. When masonry chimneys in Kingston NY, Woodstock NY, or any part of Ulster County NY need repair you can count on True Ventilation's chimney repair pros to handle any situation from chimney tuckpointing to chimney stucco, chimney crown repair, chimney rebuilding or any masonry chimney repair. Our experienced chimney technicians can come out and preform an exterior chimney inspection and provide you with an estimate for repair.

Chimney Chase Covers & Caps

Chimney caps are an important part of your chimney. A proper chimney cap will have a spark arrestor to prevent embers from falling on the roof. Another important function of chimney caps are to prevent rain & animals from entering the chimney flue. Some chimneys are required to have a chimney chase cover that will completely seal off the top of the chimney chase and protect the interior from moisture damage, these kinds of chimney caps can rust and should be replaced with a full coverage chase cover. In some cases it may be appropriate to install a "vacustack" chimney cap which can protect your home from wind inducted downdrafts, these kinds of chimney caps are common in Kingston NY due to some of the high winds we experience in the Hudson Valley.

Leaky Chimney Repair

One of the most common calls we get for chimney inspections in Kingston NY relates to chimney leaks. Chimneys are susceptible to water entry and need to be waterproofed every 10 years with an appropriate masonry leak repellent such as ChimSaver Masonry Water Repellent. A qualified chimney professional such as the technicians at True Ventilation Chimney Sweeps is equip to handle these types of leaky chimney repairs. If you own a historic home in Ulster County NY or any of the surrounding towns and counties and have never had your chimney waterproofed now would be a great time to have it looked at! It is very common in the springtime for the frozen moisture inside of your chimney from the wood burning produced hydrogen or melted snow to begin to thaw and find its way into the home or damage the chimney.

Fireplace Repairs

Fireplaces are complicated systems with all kinds of parts to ensure your chimney works correctly. Our chimney repair professionals often find issues inside of your fireplace that you may not have even been aware of! We often find damage in the smoke chamber, firebox, throat damper, or other fireplace repairs that may be needed. It is essential that you follow the National Fire Protection Associations recommendation and have a chimney sweep & inspection preformed annually. Fireplace repairs are a specialized service and should only be preformed by a licensed chimney repair professional. To the left is fireplace repair preformed by one of our technicians for a client in Hurley NY.

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Signs You May Need a Chimney Sweep & Inspection in Kingston NY

Here are a few things you can look for as signs it may be time to schedule a chimney sweep

  • Musty, Smokey, or Overall Smelly Chimney
  • Chimney Soot Falling Into Firebox or Cleanout Door
  • Black Staining Around the Chimney Exterior or Hearth
  • Furnace, Fireplace, or Wood Stove Smoke Backs Into Home

Always remember to schedule an annual inspection for your chimney. It is also best practice to have carbon monoxide detectors installed near your fireplace, wood stove, or furnace flue. If you have reason to believe carbon monoxide is entering the home leave immediately to a neighbors house and dial 911.

Chimney Inspection in Kingston NY

In Kingston NY our chimney technicians commonly inspect all different kinds of chimney and fireplace systems. You may have seen our trucks traveling down Route 9W on our way to inspect an oil furnace flue. No matter the kind of system we are prepared to do a thorough chimney inspection from top to bottom checking the condition of your chimney liner, fireplace smoke chamber, chimney leak resistance and all other aspects of wood stove, furnace flue, and traditional fireplace systems. We offer level 1, level 2, and level 3 chimney inspections as recommended by the NFPA 211 standard for fireplaces and chimneys. Homeowners from Catskill NY to Newburgh NY have been trusting us to inspect their fireplaces for years!

If you live in Kingston NY, Hurley NY, Saugerties NY, Lincoln Park NY or anywhere in Ulster County NY and you are in need of an honest, dependable chimney sweep give the pros at True Ventilation a call at (866) 878-8368