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Chimney Sweeping Basics

Chimney cleaning is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association as an annual service to keep your fireplace safe. Everytime you're burning wood in your home you're producing water vapors that will condense and form combustible byproducts know as creosote. It is imperative that these byproducts be removed from your chimney with an annual chimney cleaning from True Ventilation Chimney Sweep of Catskill NY

What To Expect?

Homeowners in Catskill NY and surrounding areas can expect a dirty job done without the mess! True Ventilation Chimney Sweeps of Catskill NY will wear boot covers on our feet and carefully lay drop clothes around the fireplace, wood stove, or chimney area. We use HEPA filtered high powered vacuums to control the dust while we sweep the creosote out of your chimney. Our chimney technicians will also preform a full inspection of the chimney to ensure your fireplace is safe for burning seasons. Throughout Greene County NY homeowners have always put their trust in us as the authority of chimney cleaning and repairs, and we take our reputation here in the Hudson Valley very seriously.

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What if I Don't Have a Fireplace?

Even if you do not have a fireplace or wood stove you may still have a chimney. If you live in the greater Hudson Valley area in towns such as Catskill NY, Windham NY, Hudson NY, Saugerties NY or just about anywhere in Greene County NY, down to the southern tip of Dutchess County NY, you likely heat your home with Oil or Gas. Your homes Oil or Gas Furnace Flues have a chimney to exhaust the products of combustion out of your home just like a wood stove or fireplace would do for wood burning. It's especially important to prevent loss of heat or Carbon Monoxide poisoning that you have a certified chimney sweep both clean and inspect your furnace chimney yearly to make sure they're in safe operating condition and most importantly they lining is still gas tight. True Ventilation Chimney Sweep of Catskill specializes in relining furnace flues if you're in need of this service we can provide an estimate of repair at the time of your chimneys service.

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Signs You May Need a Chimney Sweep in Greene County NY

While signs your chimney may need cleaning are not always obvious, there are a few things you can look for as signs. If your chimney smells particularly during warm weather your chimney may have underlying issues such as creosote build up. During the summer months when the air is thick and humid your chimney or fireplace may have a "reverse draft" effect causing quite a nasty smell to under the home. Below are listed the most common signs it is time to schedule a chimney sweep and inspection.

  • Musty, Smokey, or Overall Smelly Chimney
  • Chimney Soot Falling Into Firebox or Cleanout Door
  • Black Staining Around the Chimney Exterior or Hearth
  • Furnace, Fireplace, or Wood Stove Smoke Backs Into Home

Always remember to schedule an annual inspection and sweep for your chimney in Catskill NY. It is also best practice to have carbon monoxide detectors installed near your fireplace, wood stove, or furnace flue. If you have reason to believe carbon monoxide is entering the home leave immediately to a neighbors house and dial 911.

Why True Ventilation Chimney Sweep?

When hiring a company in Catskill NY to sweep your chimney you should always make sure they have knowledgeable and trustworthy chimney technicians. What really makes True Ventilation Chimney Sweeps stand out is our commitment to our clients in Catskill NY and all its surrounding areas around the Hudson River Valley. Our number one priority is client satisfaction above anything else. When we come out to your home you can expect us to honor our no-mess chimney cleaning guarantee. If you're a homeowner in Catskill NY, Kingston NY, Saugerties, NY Rhinebeck NY or any of the surrounding areas here in the Hudson Valley from

Beacon NY to Livingston NY, up to Windham and Hunter Mountain and all the way down to Wallkill NY and you are in need of an honest, dependable chimney sweep give the pros at True Ventilation a call at (866) 878-8368