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Why Do I Need a Chimney Cap?

Chimney caps are essential for keeping rain and animals from entering your chimney flue liner. Chimney caps are sometimes constructed in poor quality materials that can rust over time and will need to be replaced. All the chimney caps and chimney chase covers we install in Catskill NY and surrounding areas such as Windham NY, Germantown NY, and Saugerties NY are fabricated with stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty against rust and water entry.

Full Coverage Chimney Caps

The highest quality chimney caps available protect the entire masonry chimney top from animal and water entry. These caps are custom fabricated with stainless steel to fit your chimneys crown and prevent any water or animals from entering the structure. These high quality chimney caps can also be powder coated any color to match your Catskill NY home. When it comes to protecting your chimney and home from leaks the best route to go is with one of our lifetime warranty custom chimney caps.

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Chimney Chase Covers

Some chimneys vent a chimney pipe through an exterior wood wall know as a chase. The top of the chase is sealed with a metal chimney cap known as a chase cover. It is not uncommon for builders to use low quality corrosive materials for the chimney chase cover in an effort to save money. At True Ventilation we only install the highest quality stainless steel chimney chase covers which are warrantied for life! It is essential that this area be sealed water tight and rust free to prevent the wood from rotting and mold from forming on the chimney chase or homes framing.

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Chimney Flue Caps

Another form of chimney caps are smaller sized that connect to your chimneys terracotta clay or metal flue liner. We stock all standard sizes of these types of chimney caps to be prepared to protect your Catskill NY home and chimney from water and animal entry. We can sometimes install these chimney caps during a chimney sweep or chimney inspection appointment if we have the correct size chimney cap on the truck.

Need a chimney cap? Call (866) 878-8368 to schedule an estimate for one of our stainless steel chimney caps. if you live in Catskill NY, or surrounding communities of the Greene County NY, Columbia County NY, Ulster County NY, Dutchess County NY we are here to help!