True Ventilation Is Here To Keep Wallkill Residents Educated & Well-Advised On Fireplace Safety

We’re eager to help families in Wallkill, Borden Estates, Lake Osiris Colony, Saint Elmo, New Hurley, Walden, Saint Andrew, East Walden, Bruynswick, Modena Gardens, Sylva, Red Mills, Beacon and more avoid expensive chimney repair work. A simple fix now could save you big dollars down the line, so get in touch today to schedule your inspection!

Wallkill is a town that always strives to provide the best for the families that fill it. Although small in size, this is one area that doesn’t skimp when it comes to keeping citizens entertained and taken care of, and community members and town supervisors are eager to ensure everyone feels welcome.

If you’re looking for something to do, lots of local events occur through the town’s Public Library, or you could spend the day at Magnanini Winery. The Andries DuBoise House is also well worth checking out, or you could stop by a few shops in the area. Some favorites around town include Stewart’s Shops, Hudson Valley Chocolates, and Wallkill River House.

And don’t worry about satisfying a hungry appetite. With joints like Elsie’s Place, Parkview House Restaurant & Tavern, Tosco’s Pizzeria, Nu-Cavu, and The Bruynswyck Inn, no one here finds themselves without delicious options.

Whether you’ve lived in the area your whole life, for a few years, or just moved in, finding a reliable chimney company is essential. That’s where we come in! At True Ventilation, we are members of the NFPA, educated in chimney knowledge, and staffed with dedicated individuals who are passionate about making your fireplace function as efficiently as possible. You and your neighbors can count on us to do the job right and treat you right!

What can you count on us to help with? Let’s take a look at some of the key services we provide to make homes in the greater Wallkill area safer and more efficient…

Your Chimney Liner Plays An Integral Role In Keeping Your Family Safer

Your chimney liner does a lot to keep your chimney in good shape, and it plays a significant role in keeping your home safer, too.

  1. It provides a protective barrier for your masonry, ensuring the toxins and acidic gases from your fires aren’t able to break it down.
  2. The liner protects your adjacent woodwork and combustibles in walls against the heat of the fire, preventing home fires.
  3. A well-fitted liner that’s in good shape is essential for achieving proper draft, and as a fireplace owner, you know how important good airflow is when it comes to getting the most from your fireplace.
  4. The chimney liner prevents gas and smoke from getting into your home through cracks and other openings in the masonry chimney.

Sometimes, for safety, efficiency, and performance reasons, chimneys need to be relinedIf your chimney liner, furnace flue liner, or wood stove liner needs help, we can take the appropriate measures to get you back up to safety and efficiency standards. A damaged liner makes a fireplace, furnace, or wood stove unsafe and unsuitable for use, but we are able to get things back to normal, so you can go through your next burning season with ease. We can also discuss your options for protective features with you — such as chimney caps —  to ensure your liner doesn’t face extensive damage down the line.

This is our full list of chimney & venting services:

As Members Of The NFPA, We Can Keep You Better Protected

We are members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), so we know how important it is to teach homeowners of all ages about fire safety and fireplace care. We know the best ways to keep your fireplace functioning as safely as possible, and our techs are eager to share that info with you so you can enjoy your fireplace for years and years to come.

We’re happy to travel to your home on Bona Ventura Avenue, Viola Avenue, Bridge Street, Berry Street, Cottage Street, Pleasant Avenue, Orchard Street, Dubois Street, River Road, Hulse Street, Crittenden Street, C E Penney Drive, Lincoln Circle, Truman Court, Baumer Road, Chase Road, Kobelt Drive, Robinson Drive, Plank Road, Apple Lane, Blossom Lane, Clearview Drive, or anywhere else nearby.

We also serve communities throughout Leptondale, Dwaarkill, Gardiner, Ireland Corners, Scotts Corner, Berea, East Fishkill, and more, so call us today at 888-775-9498 if you need chimney maintenance. We’re happy to help!


No chimney or venting problem is too big or too small for us to tackle and that’s just one of the things our neighbors in Beacon appreciate about being in our service area.