Ulster County can Count on True Ventilation to Complete Fireplace and Chimney Service

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Knowing that there’s a full-service chimney flue and furnace flue repair company working on your home provides peace of mind. True Ventilation is that team and we deliver on promises and fix the issues you’ve identified — on budget and on time. To those who live in Ulster County communities and have been searching high and low for a fireplace, chimney and furnace flue company with the track record to trust, True Ventilation is that team.

Why Turn to True Ventilation in Ulster County

Rome wasn’t built in a day and we won’t cut corners to complete your chimney hearth, smoke chamber and/or flue cleaning. Getting the job done right is important and it’s something that can only be learned through hands-on work. Experts agree that furnace flue inspections and cleanings should keep to a strict schedule. This means that furnace flues tied to a gas system should be inspected every other year while oil systems require annual check-ups.

  • Gas-fired systems are susceptible to carbon monoxide leaks if repairs to the clay tile liner are not made in a timely manner. Cleaning acid off of the clay will prevent holes from forming and homeowners who keep up with their cleaning schedule will also see build-up removed and deterioration prevented.
  • The flue system for an oil-fed furnace can malfunction and become blocked, which creates “puff backs” capable of destroying your basement as well as carbon dioxide leaks. The annual cleaning will target any build-up/blockages in the flue and to slow or stop deterioration.

True Ventilation is a family-owned business that provides customers with insight into safe and code-compliant heating systems within their homes. That’s why those in the Ulster County communities of Saugerties, Kingston and Woodstock have come to depend on True Ventilation for regular inspections and maintenance to keep fireplace and furnace flues in working condition. If you’re in the Saugerties, Kingston and Woodstock areas and looking for “fireplace and chimney service near me,” then we should be your first call.

What to Expect from True Ventilation

Homeowners need to be proactive when it comes to jobs related to a furnace, fireplace and chimney cleaning. Ensuring that inspections are done on-time and repairs carried out before a costly problem develops is key. Customers who call True Ventilation will see first-hand how our knowledgeable, honest and respectful staff gets the job done. This provides our customers with the confidence they need, knowing that they picked the right provider in Ulster County to address issues with the fireplace flue, furnace flue, smoke chamber, chimney cap and more.

When to call True Ventilation

It isn’t always obvious that a fireplace chimney cleaning is required in Kingston, Woodstock and Saugerties and True Ventilation doesn’t expect homeowners to be experts, either. For that reason, we suggest annual inspections of the chimney flue and its liner as a way to assess its condition. If you’re already experiencing a draft, a smoky fireplace or odors then it could be too late to avoid costly repairs. Trust True Ventilation when considering chimney services near you.

Areas we Service

True Ventilation is proud to work for the residents of Ulster County. Communities we service include Saugerties, Kingston, Woodstock, New Paltz, Esopus and Olive. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you soon!