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Looking for a chimney and venting company that truly cares? If you live in Tuxedo, Sloatsburg, Sterlington, Eagle Valley, Southfields, Ramapo, Lakeville, Indian Hill, Hillburn, Antrim, Montebello, Skylands, Montgomery, Chester, East Fishkill, or anywhere else nearby, we’re the team to trust.

Tuxedo is a quaint town filled with immense beauty, and it is host to many fun-filled events, all of which keep community members busy and smiling. The New York Renaissance Faire is always a big hit, and there are countless parks, ponds, and picnic areas to explore with friends and family as well. All in all, it’s an ideal place to live, which is why many continue to flock here year after year.

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Whether you own one of Tuxedo Park’s beautiful historic homes or are settling in a newer area of town, you need chimney and venting professionals who know their stuff. We are staffed with knowledgeable techs who aim to educate homeowners while providing the best care possible. The high-quality services you deserve are just a phone call away.

Is Water Damage Taking A Toll On Your Masonry? Let Us Take Care Of It

Water is a major foe to your masonry chimney, so keeping your brickwork and mortar as protected as you can is a must. Unfortunately, many homeowners aren’t sure how to go about this. All too often, we see chimneys that have been painted or covered with cheap sealers and, while these products are known to keep water out, they don’t offer the vapor permeability that your structure desperately needs.

To ensure the best results and the best protection, leave leak-related damages and preventive maintenance to us. We can protect your structure with our high-quality waterproofing products, and our technicians are more than capable of making sure your chimney cap, flashing, chimney crown and more are all in the best condition possible.

Our leaky chimney repair services include crown sealing & rebuilding, flashing sealing & installation, chimney cap & specialty cap installation, chase top installation, and chimney waterproofing. Avoid decay, deterioration, unsightly stains, rotting wood, rusted metal components, clogs, mold accumulation, and a whole lot more by investing in the care you know you deserve. We would be glad to help you out!

The rest of our chimney & venting services include those listed here:

If you own a home in Suffern, Arden, Dutch Hollow, Greenwood Lake, Ladentown, Pomona Heights, Cornwall, or anywhere else in the vicinity, you can turn to us for it all.

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