True Ventilation Provides Columbia County with Annual Chimney, Furnace Flue Inspections

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Emergency repairs to your fireplace flue or furnace flue systems can prove costly. A living room that is being choked by excess smoke from a smoke chamber or damper that’s working incorrectly isn’t ideal — and can even prove fatal. What Columbia County residents need to do long before a crisis is call True Ventilation. Armed with expert insight from having a chimney inspection near you completed, homeowners in Hudson, Claverack, Taghkanic, Copake and Austerlitz will know exactly what work needs to be done. True Ventilation is a family-owned business with decades of on-the-job experience. That’s just one reason why this company has become one of the most-trusted resources in Columbia County.

When you Call True Ventilation

Delaying an annual chimney sweep and/or fireplace inspection, as recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, can have catastrophic effects on your home. This service is designed to clean out any creosote build-up and keep possible fire hazards at bay. That’s why True Ventilation encourages those in the Columbia County communities of Hudson, Claverack, Taghkanic, Copake and Austerlitz to have these services completed on a regular annual schedule.

If your home furnace uses natural gas, have the exhaust flue cleaned bi-annually. Those who use oil to heat their home should have an inspection/cleaning performed every year.

  • Inspection of flues that vent gas-powered furnaces will likely reveal acid and deterioration that can cause carbon monoxide leaks. Cleanings will remove build-up and acid that bores holes in the clay fireplace liner, which is much like a flowerpot but far more durable.
  • A neglected flue tied to an oil-fed system can fall victim to toxic blockage and “puff backs,” which are capable of destroying basements and triggering carbon dioxide leaks. The annual cleaning of an oil exhaust system will remove that build-up and blockage and stop or slow deterioration.

Having completed countless end-to-end home construction projects, the code-compliant work that our team provides is second-to-none. We are also licensed and insured so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the chimney and fireplace service you’re having done will stand up to time and scrutiny.

How our Customers in Columbia County Benefit

Homeowners who’ve looked at the list of fireplace and chimney service offerings from True Ventilation will know that their issue can likely be resolved immediately. Following a professional on-site inspection, True Ventilation’s teams will tell homeowners in Hudson and beyond that they require chimney repairs. How can you tell? Some clues will be obvious: crumbling exterior brick work on the chimney, a broken damper, compromised flashing, a cracked firebox and more. Some symptoms will require visual clues that are hidden from plain sight and a chimney and furnace flue inspection could be one way to accomplish this. As a result, Columbia County residents will quickly learn that True Ventilation is really a do-it-all team of professionals who can complete chimney services near you.

Areas we Service

True Ventilation proudly serves the Columbia County communities of Hudson, Claverack, Taghkanic, Copake and Austerlitz. We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to working with you soon!