Are You Experiencing Chimney Or Venting Problems In Your Newburgh Home? The Experts At True Ventilation Are Here To Help

A damaged or unsafe fireplace can put a damper on any evening indoors, but your family in Newburgh, Varick Homes, Fishkill Landing, New Windsor, Glenwood Park, Beacon, Balmville, Brockway, Dutchess Junction, Gardnertown, Groveville, Fostertown, Tuxedo, or any of the surrounding areas doesn’t need to worry. Our qualified team is here to help.

When you think of an idyllic town, what do you picture? A rich culture? Historical significance? An involved and caring neighborhood? Well, Newburgh has all that and more. You get the warmth of a close-knit community, with all of the convenient amenities of a bigger city bundled into one picturesque package.

What are some must-see sights? Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site, the Captain David Crawford House, and the Newburgh Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum are all great historical spots, and Ann Street Gallery is perfect for any art buffs out there. If you’re looking for something a bit more recreational, consider stopping by Chadwick Lake Park, Lawrence Farms Orchards, or Downing Park.

Are you into antiques? Both Vintage Emporium and The Palatine Shop are great stores to check out. Along with these, places like Newburgh Mercantile, Kaitlyn’s Creations Floral Designs, Two Sparrows Homestead, Meekel’s Music Shop, Cream Boutique, M. Lewis Lifestyle Boutique, Field Trip, and Liberty Street Vintage have loads of good merchandise — and don’t forget to swing by the Newburgh Mall as well.

Whether you’re looking for some early morning coffee or an after-work drink, 2 Alices Coffee Lounge is the place to go. Satisfy your sweet tooth by visiting Newburgh Flour Shop or Commodore Chocolatier, but not before visiting one of the many local restaurants. Some great options include The River Grill, North Plank Road Tavern, Liberty Street Bistro, Blu Pointe, Captain Jake’s Restaurant, Vesuvio’s Ristorante, Billy Joe’s Ribworks, Ms. Fairfax, Cosimo’s Pizza Shop, and Machu Picchu.

All in all, a day spent out and about is always best ended in front of a crackling fire. Is your fireplace ready to be enjoyed at the end of a perfect day? The well-respected and professional team here at True Ventilation is eager to satisfy all of your fireplace-related needs, so call on us anytime you need care. We can handle your inspections, cleanings, repairs and more.

Is Your Fireplace Sending Smoke Into Your Home? We Can Help

When your chimney cannot draft properly, you will find yourself with a lot of annoying and potentially dangerous problems. There are a number of reasons why you may be noticing draft or backflow issues like odors and smoke problems, ranging from blockages to improper chimney height and flue liner damage. Because there is a wide range of causes, investigating the situation thoroughly is a must. Fortunately, we are equipped to help you out.

Here at True Ventilation, we specialize in chimney inspections and draft, smoky fireplace, and chimney odor troubleshooting. We also believe in taking the time to educate our customers on the appropriate way to use a fireplace, so that you avoid potential threats, such as smoke back-up, carbon monoxide exposure, house fires and more.

Our technicians would be happy to help with a number of other chimney and venting services as well, such as these:

Say Hello To A Fresher, Cozier, and More Comfortable Home

A well-working fireplace can make all the difference when it comes to setting that idyllic aesthetic in your home. If you live on Lake Street, South Street, Water Street, Washington Street, Ann Street, Fullerton Avenue, Prospect Street, Norton Street, Dubois Street, Van Ness Street, William Street, Hasbrouck Street, Parmenter Street, Grand Street, Liberty Street, Johnston Street, Benkard Avenue, Bridge Street, Carson Avenue, Beacon Street, Henry Avenue, Courtney Avenue, Renwick Street, or anywhere in Middle Hope, Castle Point, Vails Gate Junction, Cornwall, Roseton, Vails Gate, or the Highlands, call 888-775-9498 for the best chimney and fireplace care around! Scheduling is fast and easy!


Folks in New Windsor love being part of our busy service area and they count on us to keep their chimneys in tip-top shape year round.