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Homeowners in Montgomery, Scotts Corner, Morrison Heights, and the nearby communities appreciate that we pride ourselves on bringing the highest-quality chimney care possible. If you live in or near Kaisertown, Berea, Neelytown, Maybrook, Walden, Collabar, Coldenham, Searsville, East Walden, Campbell Hall Junction, Rock Tavern, Lake Osiris Colony, Burnside, Saint Andrew, or Chester, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our crew.

Montgomery has entertainment options for young families, seniors, children, and even pets! This is a small town that never runs out of things to offer its residents. Whether you feel like hiking, shopping, visiting the library, or checking out some local restaurants, you’ve definitely got plenty of options for staying busy.

If you’re looking to keep everyone in your group happy, why not head over to Thomas Bull Memorial Park? Between its golf course, horseback riding area, dog park, restaurant, tennis court, and other offerings, you simply cannot go wrong. Montgomery is also home to Orange County Arboretum, Orange County Farmers Museum, and Orange County Firefighters Museum — all local favorites.

Looking for more parks to enjoy? Check out Veterans Memorial Park, Benedict Farm Park, Wallkill River Streamside Park, or Winding Hills Park.

If you have some shopping to do, the shops around town are run by friendly people and offer one-of-a-kind gifts and products. Be sure to browse some places like Clinton Shops Antique Center, Oliver Anne, Montgomery Antique Center, Eat This Bakery & Gifts, Duffy’s, Recycled Style, The Hidden Barn, Montgomery Book Exchange, or Montgomery Jewelers on your next outing.

And when you just can’t ignore your hunger any longer, stroll over to one of the area’s great local restaurants. Some options are: Wildfire Grill, Ward’s Bridge Inn, The Table, 88 Charles St. Cafe, Francesca’s Pizzeria & Restaurant, Copperfield’s, Mike’s Deli & Pizza, Caborcas Restaurant, Iron Cafe, or Cascarino’s Pizza and Ristorante

A town that offers so much to so many wouldn’t be complete without the best fireplace, chimney, and venting services. We love to help citizens rest easy in front of a crackling fire, knowing everything is working as safely and as efficiently as possible. Trusting your chimney and fireplace to True Ventilation will help ensure your fireplace stays in good shape for the long haul. You can count on it!

Blockages In Your Flue Can Lead To Significant Problems, But Our Team Can Help

Are blockages in your flue causing draft and airflow problems? The last thing any homeowner wants or needs is a living room that is filled with smoke, but that’s just what you’ll get if your chimney flue is blocked. You’ll also face a heightened risk of carbon monoxide entering your home, which is highly threatening due to its colorless, odorless, and highly toxic nature.

What creates a blockage in a chimney? Well, a number of things could be to blame. First of all, it’s important to watch out for excessive creosote. This substance will not only cause blockages, but can cause chimney fires as well as it’s highly flammable. It’s also important to be on the lookout for animals and their nesting materials, as these can obviously cause some pretty big blockages and affect your airflow.

We’ll be happy to remove anything that is obstructing your flue, and we can provide you with the products and information needed to prevent future blockages. For instance, creosote is impossible to avoid altogether, but burning seasoned wood, keeping your fires hot, and maintaining good airflow all help to lower the rate at which it accumulates. Knowing what you can do to keep excessive creosote out of your chimney can help you prevent problems down the line, which is why we think education is such an important part of what we do.

Along with this, you may need to have a new chimney cap installed to ensure animals and other debris stay out for good. Whatever you need, whether it’s simply to make some changes to your burning habits or have a new chimney product installed, we’ve got you covered. Our goal is to help eliminate problems for our customers so you can enjoy your fireplace without worry.

Here’s a full list of our chimney and venting services:

If you’re not sure what you need but just want to make sure your chimney system is operating safely and ready to keep you cozy for another year, start with an inspection. During an inspection, we’ll check everything out and make sure you’re good to go. And if we notice any problems or see any damage, we’ll provide you with details on what we recommend and what the costs will be.

A Cozy, Crackling Fire Is Just A Phone Call Away

When your home on Union Street, Meade Street, Wallkill Avenue, Railroad Avenue, Sears Street, Boyd Street, Hanover Street, Senior Street, Charles Street, Sycamore Drive, Pine Court, Wavey Willow Lane, Bluebird Drive, Snow Bunting Court, Oriole Drive, Blackbird Lane, Cardinal Drive, Weaver Street, Luna Lane, Purple Martin Road, Pleasant Avenue, River Street, Dunn Drive, or anywhere else nearby needs high-quality care from experienced and courteous chimney professionals, trust True Ventilation. Call 888-775-9498 or reach out to us here on our website to schedule your appointment today. 


Our customers in nearby Chester love knowing that they are included in our service area because they know we work hard to keep their chimneys, wood stoves and venting systems performing their best.