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Delaying a home improvement project can prove to be a costly decision. Time, weather and inevitable decay all take their toll on the materials used to build your house. That’s why those who require services be done to their fireplace chimney and furnace flue can count on True Ventilation to get the job done right –and right away. There are tell-tale signs of a fireplace flue and furnace flue not working correctly and if ignored, can prove costly to fix and pose a health hazard. That’s why those living in Greene County should call True Ventilation today if they suspect that a chimney inspection is in order. In return, they’ll get expert insight into the condition of their home and a repair plan that’s going to ensure safety for years to come.

About True Ventilation’s Services in Greene County

As the region’s go-to for fireplace, smoke chamber and chimney flue services, True Ventilation has become the most-trusted company in the communities of Catskill, Windham, Hunter and beyond. This reputation has been earned through hands-on work across these towns and over the decades that this family-run business spent in the home improvement sector. Combined, those who count on our company for fireplace and chimney service near you will be met with professional, honest and knowledgeable service. Add to that the fact that our crews and licensed, insured and members of the (NFPA) National Fire Prevention Association and you’ll know that the job is getting done right.

True Ventilation’s Know-How

Homeowners know when something isn’t right. Excess smoke from the fireplace or visibly-damaged flashing around the chimney are all clues that something is amiss. To tackle these fireplace repairs near you in Hunter, Windham and Catskill, True Ventilation can provide a vast array of expertise. An annual fireplace cleaning and inspection will clean out any creosote buildup and reduce the risk posed by possible fire hazards. Experts also say that bi-annual inspections for exhaust systems tied to a gas-powered furnace are crucial. This should be performed annually if oil is used to fuel your furnace.

• Carbon monoxide leaks are a risk associated with gas-fired furnaces that vent into the furnace flue. Cleaning acid off of the clay interior — similar to a flower pot — is an effective way of preventing holes as well as build-up from forming.
• An oil-fed furnace tied to a malfunctioning flue can become blocked and create “puff backs” that will destroy the basement and lead to a carbon dioxide leak. The annual cleanings of flue will target build-up and hidden blockages, which is great for slowing down or stopping deterioration.

Homeowners in Greene County know that harsh winters can take a particular toll on chimney caps, flashing and the brickwork that makes up the chimney. Water intrusion and residual moisture are the worst enemy of masonry work so hire the local professionals at True Ventilation, who service Windham, Catskill and Hunter, to get a crew who is in-tune with needs in the neighborhood.

Areas we Service

True Ventilation proudly serves the Greene County communities of Catskill, Windham and Hunter. Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to working with you!