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Residents in East Fishkill know that our professional and respectful team can be trusted with any and all of their chimney repairs, flue cleanings, crown sealings, and more. Live in or close to Shenandoah, Hopewell Junction, Lomala, Wiccopee, Stormville, Brinckerhoff, Fishkill Plains, Hillside Lake, Green Haven, or Sylvan Lake? Contact us today.

There is no doubt that East Fishkill has a rich history, and today, many consider it one of the greatest places to live, work, and play. It’s clear that East Fishkill’s 30,000+ residents take pride in their thriving communities, and whether you’re new to the area or you’ve been eating out, exploring shops, and taking in the beautiful scenery for years, it’s easy to see why they do.

What makes the East Fishkill area so great for residents and visitors alike?

Consider stopping by the Stormville Airport Antique Show & Flea Market or exploring the William R. Steinhaus Dutchess Rail Trail. Red Wing Park is also worth a visit, and you won’t want to miss out on the many great family events offered by the East Fishkill Community Library.

If you feel like spending the day doing some laid back shopping, why not stroll through shops like Hopewell Antique Center, Crossroads Gift Shop, Unshattered, Celine’s Boutique, Stewart’s Shops, or Homestead Farm

By the time you’re done shopping and exploring the area, you’ll probably be ready to eat, and East Fishkill has some great options. If you’re hoping to dine out, then Tiramisu, Daddy O’s Restaurant Bar & Grill, Pizza Village, Tokoharu, Villa Nigrelli, Hudson Valley Gyro & Market, Golden Jade, The Blue Fountain Restaurant, Plated, and Little Jozef’s Pizza are all good spots to visit.

If you’d rather take some homemade bread or baked goods home to the family, stop by Mario’s Brick Oven Bread or Katie Rose Bakery. Yum!

And where do East Fishkill’s residents turn for professional, reliable, and high-quality chimney services? True Ventilation. We’re here to help with your wood stove, smoke chamber, furnace flue, firebox, and more.

What Makes A Crown Last? We Have The Tools & Knowledge You Need

A well-built chimney crown can provide quality protection for years on end, but unfortunately, many homeowners find themselves with a crown that is crumbling, cracking, or simply doing an ineffective job. And when a crown fails, that’s when you have water problems with your chimney.

Here at True Ventilation, we can ensure your crown is made of strong materials and well designed, so you don’t have to cross your fingers every time it rains. What makes our chimney crowns so good at keeping water out, year after year?

Well, first of all, we use a cement-based mixture, rather than a cheap mortar mix. All too often, we see chimneys topped with the latter, and while these can provide some short-term protection, in the long run your crown will fail to keep water out of your chimney. Additionally, our crowns are built at least two inches thick to give them the strength and reliability necessary to withstand all kinds of weather.

A good crown should also slant downwards, ensuring water does not pool – you want moisture to move away from your structure, not settle on it! Finally, the crown should extend a bit past the edge of the chimney’s chase, ensuring rain, sleet, and melting snow is sent away from the masonry of your structure. 

Rest assured, our crowns are built to work and built to last. We even use water-repellent products in our crown mixes and seal them with a waterproofing product from ChimneySaver.

Crown sealing & rebuilding is just one of many leaky chimney repair services we offer, but it’s not all your chimney needs to keep leaks and water damage at bay. We also offer flashing sealing & installation, chimney waterproofing, and we install chase tops and chimney caps & specialty caps.

Preventing and stopping leaks is an important part of chimney maintenance, but we’re here to help with all your chimney and venting needs. That includes the following: 

Our Sweeps Are Ready For Your Call

Wherever you live on Old State Road, Lime Kiln Road, Shenandoah Road, Utility Drive, East Drive, Facility Drive, Binnewater Road, Schlueter Drive, Harrigan Road, Healy Road, Van Vlack Road, Blue Hill Road, Rodeo Drive, Edward Road, Trails End, Harrison’s Trail, Meadow Way, High View Road, Loose Strife Drive, or somewhere else in the area, you can count on our knowledgeable, professional, and respectful sweeps to make chimney and venting maintenance easy and stress-free. 

We travel to Meads Corners, Carmel Park Estates, Arthursburg, Myers Corner, Fishkill, Diddell and more, and we would be happy to complete any and all of your chimney and fireplace maintenance. Set up an appointment by calling us at 888-775-9498 or reaching out online. We’re excited to help you out!


If you’re lucky enough to live in Newburgh, you’re also lucky enough to benefit from all the professional chimney and venting services we provide throughout our service area. Ask us for details.