Dutchess County can Trust True Ventilation for Yearly Chimney and Furnace Flue Inspections

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The inter working of a home’s fireplace assembly provides a valuable source of heat. The issue is that the fireplace flue where smoke from the fire escapes is not maintenance-free. Experts and the National Fire Protection Association agree that inspections/cleanings be performed on time every single year. When you want to start a fire in your home, you want the confidence of knowing that the chimney, flue liner and flue itself are all up to the job. That’s why Dutchess County residents from Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck to Wappingers Falls depend on True Ventilation to save them time, money and frustration. The expert level of inspection and craftsmanship that goes into a chimney sweep, flue cleaning and fireplace repairs are easy to see when True Ventilation is hired to get the job done.

When to Call True Ventilation

Dutchess County homeowners can count on True Ventilation to serve those living in Wappinger, Poughkeepsie and Rhinebeck. True Ventilation is a family-owned business that has decades of industry experience and has been the go-to resource for those who think they may need a chimney inspection, flue cleaning or fireplace repairs. It’s impossible to understate the significance of annual or bi-annual inspections and cleanings. Rule of thumb when it comes to furnace flue cleanings is that bi-annual is best for gas and annual for oil.

  • With oil systems, the annual cleanings are intended to remove build-up and/or blockages, to stop or slow down deterioration and to keep “puff backs” from occurring. Puff backs can destroy your basement and contribute to life-threatening carbon dioxide leaks.
  • With gas, the annual cleaning and inspection will keep build-up and deterioration from occurring and keep carbon monoxide from backing into the home. While homeowners do not expose themselves to the risk of accidental fire if an inspection isn’t performed yearly, toxic carbon monoxide leaks are still a risk with gas systems. Calling True Ventilation to have the acid cleaned off the clay interior of the fireplace is a way to avoid holes from developing in the system.

Thanks to hands-on experience, residents can count on True Ventilation to service their fireplaces with the skill and expertise that’s been delivered during countless other projects.

  • An annual fireplace cleaning and inspection will clean out any creosote build-up. This helps homeowners reduce the likelihood of possible fire hazards from taking hold.

Don’t put off your fireplace and chimney service needs for another day; it’s already too late if you are experiencing smoke coming back down from the smoke chamber, smoke shelf and/or damper. If you’ve found yourself looking for “chimney repairs near you” then it’s already time to call True Ventilation.

How True Ventilation can Help

Homeowners in Dutchess County know that certain projects around the house require a fair amount of know-how to get it done right. A chimney flue cleaning and furnace flue cleaning are among the jobs that should be done at regular intervals by experts. That is why homeowners choose True Ventilation, which prides itself on safety and peace of mind. From the onset of a project, you’ll have a crew on your side that can thoroughly inspect the problem, provide an accurate estimate on cost, conduct the work and leave the work site cleaner than they found it. These are valuable factors to those searching for “chimney services near me” and wanting to work with only the best chimney sweep cleaning companies in Dutchess County.

Service Areas in Dutchess County

True Ventilation proudly serves the following communities in Dutchess County: Wappingers Falls (Wappinger), Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Beacon, Millbrook, East Fishkill and La Grange. Thanks for visiting our website! We look forward to working with you!