True Ventilation Will Bring High-Quality Chimney & Venting Services To Your Chester Home

A crackling fire can set an idyllic mood, but a smoke-filled living space is a nightmare. Don’t let your fireplace in Chester, Greycourt, Otter Kill, Craigville, Sugar Loaf, East Chester, Marycrest, Smiths Cove, Goshen, Bull Mine, Howell, Randelville, Tuxedo, Highlands, or Beacon become a frustrating hazard, when our reliable and respectful team is a simple phone call away. We’re here to help!

Whether you’re looking to start a family, start a business, or simply find a place where you’ll be surrounded by welcoming community members, Chester is the spot to be. Stroll through one of the scenic, peaceful parks or spend your day browsing the many unique shops throughout the area. No matter what you decide on, you’re sure to have fun doing it.

Looking for an outdoor area to explore? Knapps View is a great spot, as is Goosepond Mountain State Park and Chester Commons Park. Another place that always offers a good time is The Castle Fun Center. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit different, check out Flexibility in Flight.

Fancy a drink? Then Long Lot Farm Brewery is the place to go. Dining out on the itinerary? Why not try something local like Clayton Delaney’s Dining Saloon, Christopher’s Bistro, Rustic Wheelhouse, Allan’s Falafel, Magoya Japanese Restaurant, Tina’s Pizza, Main Street Pizza, Dos Latinos, Jester’s Restaurant & Pub, or Sugar Loaf Taphouse?

Some favorite stores around town include The Candle Shop, Chester Ice Cream, Meadow Blues Coffee, Simpson Originals, Prezzies, Blue Dove Dance Boutique, Outdoors, My Sister’s Closet, and American House Ice Cream. All are well-loved businesses that help make Chester the great town that it is.

Like the shops listed above, we hope to contribute to the happiness of Chester residents. That’s why we proudly travel all throughout the Chester area, bringing high-quality, reliable chimney and venting services. If you need chimney repairs, creosote removal, odor troubleshooting, or something else chimney or fireplace-related, the professionals at True Ventilation can surely handle it all.

The Facts Behind Glazed Creosote & How Our Team Can Remove It

Creosote is well-known for its bad smell and flammable nature, but did you know that there are three different stages or levels of creosote? Stage one creosote is the easiest to remove, due to its flaky and ash-like texture. Once you start experiencing stage two creosote, things become a bit more challenging, as it is stickier and more tar-like.

Then, there’s stage three — or glazed — creosote. This type is hard, glossy, and needs to be approached a bit differently. In fact, using basic creosote-removal techniques can cause quite a bit of damage to your structure and be ineffective against stage 3 creosote. Special tools and chemicals must be used, which is why depending on a team of experts that truly know their stuff is essential.

Well, if your home is on Miller Drive, Main Street, Kerner Drive, Hudson Street, Oak Street, Elm Street, Maple Avenue, Walnut Street, Orlando Avenue, Academy Avenue, Carpenter Road, Moffatt Lane, Carpenter Road, Brookside Avenue, Cross Street, Lehigh Avenue, Chester Acres Boulevard, Black Meadow Road, Pond Road, Larce Road, Rebecca Road, Rachel Drive, or somewhere else nearby, you can rest easy because glazed creosote removal is one of our specialties here at True Ventilation.

As members of the NFPA, we know how important it is to remove creosote as safely and as thoroughly as possible, and we’ll get the job done right. And with our powerful vacuums, we’ll capture every last bit of creosote and soot so it’s not released back into your home. 

Along with creosote removal and chimney cleanings, we provide a long list of chimney & venting services:

Whatever you need, wherever you are in Chester, you can count on us.

Get The Service You Deserve – Call True Ventilation

When you have someone performing services in your home, you want to know they will treat you and your property with care and respect. With us, you don’t need to worry about a thing because we provide citizens of Walton Park, Kipps, Finnegans Corners, Monroe, Florida, Mountain House, Newburgh, and all of the surrounding cities with the mess-free, high-quality services you deserve.

To get your next appointment on the books, call us at 888-775-9498 or reach out to us here on our website. We’re happy to be of service!


Learning about fireplace safety from the pros here at True Ventilation is just one of the things residents of Wallkill love about being included in our service area.